A Bed of Roses Florist - 2948 20th St. #104, San Francisco, CA, 94110

San Francisco florist - A Bed of Roses Florist

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Awesome service & an amazing arrangement.
San Francisco CA
A Bed of Roses Florist Pat Miller has been dazzling and delighting with her floral artistry for 25 years. For 20 of those years, her ‘magical’ and ‘enchanted’ shop on Union Street was one of the best things to see in SF, according to GOURMET magazine. She’s been called the ‘Alice Waters of flowers’ for her fresh approach. She uses only the finest materials, and combines them in unexpected ways-whimsical, detailed, and intricate arrangements that incorporate the container, creating a harmonious whole with no line between container and contained. No massed jumble of flowers here. It’s all in the details and that’s where Pat shines. Her arrangements show you something different every time you look at one. You can get lost in them. Each is tailored to the taste of the recipient. Pat Miller (415) 922-5150

San Francisco florist - A Bed of Roses Florist

  • A Bed of Roses

    An incomparable selection of unusual and beautiful flowers

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